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Rockstar Lifestyle

[Juelz santana:]
I'm just a rocker dude,
lookin for my rocker girl,
baby i'll rock your boat,
rock your bed,
and rock your world,
but you gotta be as fly as me,
gotta know how to rock your stuff.
VH1, brett michaels,
be my rocker love,
VS1, big stones,
let me rock ya,
maybe marriage,
baby carriage,
let me knock ya up,
i can be your rocker daddy,
you can be my rocker mommy,
i can be your chile pepper,
you can be my hot tamale,
have you ever made love too a rock star,
huh, in a hot car, huh, with the top off,
huh, in the middle of a parking lot,
you dont care who see, who lookin, who watch ya'll,
huh, pretty face and ya body soft as baby skin,
she hopped on me and rode,
i thought my name was harley davidson.

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