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Runnin' Away

Late at night and I still can't sleep
My body's tired, but my thoughts are running deep
I guess I know just what you're going through
Because I kind of feel the same way too
Looking back, there was nothing we could do

It's not easy what you're going through
You call me up, and I'm still wondering what to do
We both admit that it's gone too far
We're just trying to find out who we are
Lonely nights is something that I don't want to see

Now your free and living fast
It's not easy looking at the past
It gets harder every day when you're running away

Running away

Looking back we shared a lot
Is it worth it all to let go of what we got
All at once you can't ignore the fact
Some where some how we got off the track
Give it up, it's changing you and changing me

If we have the chance to turn the clock back
Who knows how or when
Would it happen all again

Now your free and living fast
It's so tough to make a good thing last
It get's harder everyday when your running away

It's not easy living on your own
You miss your friends you want to go back home
It gets harder everyday when you're running away

Running away

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