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[Verse 1]
Gotta distance myself, took my love until there ain't nothing left
Smiling faces really looking for death
Just let me live on this project poor stinking, Lord, something's gotta give
I got kids in the neighborhood that know what I just did
Didn't think about the new faces with me, I just done it
Made sure I took the shell cases with me and kept running
In broad daylight, school ain't even lit up yet
All that tapes around the bus stop where they let out it
Damn, my homie hand been in the cookie jar
This ain't what you want but I got exactly what you looking for
You can lose brains over loose change
Explicit when your pants held up with shoe strings
Grinding stomach make you do things, who do you blame
When you hustle for them two chains
Then all of a sudden you came to take something
Couple forties make you hate something
See, they stunting but now they coming
The separation

Slow down like none of them
I refuse to be compared to any one of them
I just use them for motivation
We divided, separation
I can't hide it, we are not the same
I ain't playing with y'all, I am not for games
I just use them for motivation
We divided, separation

[Verse 2]
Longer the clip the more safer I feel
It's time to pay some bills and I ain't got no patience still

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