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Sex with Female Rednecks

[Necro Verse 1]

I have sex with female rednecks
I love demise
Mortality, youthanasia, and Necrosis I'm vile
I'm loyal to Belial
?? and Hades know Necrophiliac's style
??? ???
Possesses me to evil principles supreme spirit of evil
The dungeon and dragons age is evil
I'm the fucken fallen angel the ???
Sicker than a disease
Smellier than shit and fleas
Hellbound pitbull fall in a pit full of rocks
The Necrophiliac's value shocks
??? abadone Methadone
Lucifer on fire
Ladies and gentlemen meet Jesus' crucifier
Mr. Satanic force, the deuce
I got the fucken noose I'm sick
Motherfuckers call me Old Nick
I'll be there laughing when my enemy slips
Necrophiliac dead like the nerves on Mary Joe's lips
Let me pass the mic to Ill Bill

[Ill Bill Verse 1]

[Necro Verse 2]

From rags to ritches
Bodybags in ditches
The plots more power to the first body parts that rots
And decays, your body parlays in the coffin
??? from a vial of blood often
The murderous mass, I don't inhale the gas or the fumes
Or you'll be dead like niggas in Egyptian tombs
To the pile, another corpse gets added
I can't bang my head against the wall cause the wall is padded
In my tomb better yet mausoleums
I got worms eating out my skin, but you can't see em
I blow up like a cesarean section
I'm like a vampire cause I got no reflection
I'm nocturnal, your breathing ????
I eat Kentucky Fried Guts so fuck the Colonel
Fuck that bastard
I spit n his casket
Or his grave, he's a fucken slave
Off the fucken top I pass it to Ill Bill

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