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Sharon's Fetus (The Pre-Kill)

[Intro: Charles Manson speaks]
I did not break the law
Jesus Christ told me that two thousand years ago
You don't understand me, that's your trouble
Not my fault because you don't understand me
I don't understand you either
What you wanna call me a murderer for, I've never killed anyone
I don't need to kill anyone
I think it!

[Hook: Necro] x2
I got some to say
I killed your baby today
And it doesn't matter much to me
As long as it's dead

It's time for Helter Skelter, let's get it poppin' like Zeltser (?)
Got to drop on Terry Melcher, the weltcher
He blew his chance, now let the karma set in
Manson ordered me to dead 'em
And get the money to finance Armageddon
Electric excitement and dread, apocalyptic darkness
Put you to sleep like a narcoleptic cryptic carcass
Perverted bastard, the masses will never grasp it
Lyin' around naked fuckin on lysergic acid
I need a favour and it'll take nerve
"What will I do, I'm here to serve?"
Get filthy, kill for me - I'll kill for you!
Take the girls, go to Cielo Drive with guns and knives
Murder everyone, gruesomely, leave no one alive
Here's a list of instructions, bring rope and blades
Cut the telephone wires with bolt cutters (?) before you invade
Don't use the gate, cause of the alarm system
Bring a change of gear with dark clothes
Then burn em after the mission
Here's how I want it done, kill 'em, mutilate 'em all
Put the eyeballs on the mirrors, write messages on the walls
Here's a .22 Buntline, pistol for the frontline
Use the knives when possible, it's just about crunch time
Score the speed piled into the car with the chicks
Ready for a wild night of triple six, torturous deeds
Off dismemberment and crime my trigger finger’s itchy trembling down my spine
Remember to leave a sign, something WITCHY!

[Hook: Necro] x4

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