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She Won't Choose Me (Acoustic-Bonus Track)

Thought I died and gone to heaven
When I first saw her there
Standin there in a sweat stained stetson
With her cow at the County Fair
I thought i knew
How to make a move
But I cant make her mine
I wish I could forget her
But theres just somethin in her smile

Cuz she chews tobacco
Rides on her tractor
Drives all the cowboys wild
Shes a tall drink of water
A real farmers daughter
For her love id walk a country mile
But I cant get within spittin distance
No matter how i beg or plead
My hearts a crackin
She chews tobacco
But she wont choose me

Well her momma said she liked old westerns
So I did my best John Wayne
Said I bet we'd go together
Like grits on a gravy train
When I leaned in
She gave a little grin
And puckered up her lips
And hit right where she was aimin
Now theres a little brown stain
on my blue tag


I know its wrong
but I
Cant resist
Thinkin bout the taste
Of that first kiss

My hearts a crackin
She Chews tobacco

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