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You may say you're crazy
And you're lost in your mind
But i say they're just to lazy
To lazy to find
The place where you shine
The place where you shine
What was stolen from books, kah
And lay their wings to the ground
And don't go chasing silver
With all this gold you've found
Cause you're made to shine
And you're made to shine
And not everyone can understand
Well the things you say you see
Just keep some tears for yourself now
Well in daunting company
Well i see you shine
And i see you shine
I see it shine
And this old world won't let you be
Please don't put your light out
Case your walking on the lonely road
And it's so easy to duck
But you ever shine
But you ever shine
I see it shine
Me noe i'll take my choice
Won't blame no dices roll
Waters not getting any clearer now
Raise my soul
We we're made to shine
Yah we're made to shine
Made to shine

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