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Shit Remix

I just got a whole lot of dope money
Bad bitches all in my section
I'm like BRRR!!! STICK 'EM
Young Buck back and I'm flexin
Gon' put a nigga in the kitchen
All of my niggas buyin' chickens
Nah, can't fool me cause I know you niggas broke
Then you wonder why your bitch wanna nigga sell dop
Dirty-6, Who!
Whip it, whip it
Boy i got the strap on fire
Got a bad bitch looks like Mariah
No, you're not a cocaine buyer! (Nah!)
All the ho's say "Nigga you're a liar!"
Shotout to them D' boys of my zone
You know i'm walking with a lot of money on me
(?) falling out my pocket
Hit him in the head and i keep it in silence
Baking soda will blow up

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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