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Since Way Back

Been doing this since way back
Way back, way back, way back
Been doing this since way back
Way back, way back, way back
Turnt up on these niggas, bitches this is payback
And I been in the kitchen whipping, since way back
Way back, way back, way back
And every nigga that you see me with been with the shit

[Verse 1]
Bitch, my momma was the first person to show me how to cook it
I was at home serving cookies for little niggas playing hooky
Every nigga want it that i took it
Take it broad day while you looking
These niggas don't make no statement
All this cocaine in this basement, I have no time to be wasting
Keep telling take me to places
You know how much time we facin'
I gotta hook up on the heroin with the bad bitch but she Asian
Her daddy don't like niggas doe but he love the money we making
Been hustling with a few cousins, they Muslims
Know a few Jamaicans and Haitians
Gotta be careful of where I take em
My bitches looking at you like lemme break em
I tell the hoes get what you can if these niggas gon' let you rape em
Might give niggas another load, depending how long it take em
Ever since I washed my hands doe, I no longer shake em
I'm fucking up these bands though I take the bricks and break em
Truthfully these niggas have no choice but to hate em


[Verse 2]
We been shooting it out with these niggas since we kids
Erybody in this neighborhood done see what we done did
All these rap niggas gone say they hood, but I know what it is
I just keep shit to myself, I'm not in nobody else biz
I'm not doing nobody else bid
I doing it, nobody else did it
I'm from it no one else here they runnin
Cost you nothin' to keep it 100
I just seen my uncle took 4 bullets in the stomach
All these partnas pussy acting like they gon' do somethin'
I choose to shoot erybody if niggas don't do nothing
And by the time this shit is out, then we should see who stunting
Got a baby on the way, I named it blessing whether a boy or girl
6 young bucks running around now, they the joy of my world
I know this child support, I pay bout this child doe
Did it once and kept this kid from crying, I just smile ho
Cashville my city got something now to be proud for
Erybody that didn't then, bet they now know


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