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Skating Rink

[Soulja Boy & (A-Rab): Talking]Ay A-Rab(Wasup cuzo?)Man we gotta hit da skatin' rink dis weekend dog (fareel!). Boy it's goin' down boy!(Ay which one we goin' to Soulja Boy?)Man I don't even know.[Hook:]Dem Girls On Deck (meet me at da skatin' rink)We gotta jump fresh (meet me at da skatin' rink)Put on ya new stunna'z (meet me at da skatin' rink)We bout to get de'z girls' numba's (meet me at da skatin' rink)meet me at da skatin' rink (Ay!)da skatin' rink (Ay!)da skatin' rink (Ay!)da skatin' rink (Ay!)Meet me at da skatin' rink (Ay!)da skatin' rink (Ay!)da skatin' rink (Ay!)da skatin' rink (Ay!)Meet me at da skatin' rink[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]I'm up at da skatin' rink, but I can't skateWit a hundred-dollar bill dat i'm gon' breakYea, dey know it's Soulja Boy when dey look at my faceAnd when dey look at my feet(I got, I got me some Bathin' Apes)[Skating Rink lyrics on]Me and A-Rab gettin' crunk cuz they playin' our musicAll da girls walk up and all us start choosin'I hit da dance floor, yeen yall hear my shirtAnd we gon' do da dance (Oh!) To our beat[Hook][Verse 2: A-Rab]Yall hata's gettin' crunk up in da skatin' rink tonightMobin' wit my folks and macin' on dez girls, and startin' fightsPoppin' colla's, swingin' dolla's, let a fool run upMan he betta be deep, or he gon' be outta luckYall hatin' cuz dez girls can't leave me aloneRolla-Bladin', conversatin' wit my stunna shades onCleaner den a bar a soapFresher den some Bathin' ApesLet me take off da 1's and throw on a pair of skates[Hook]I'm at da skatin' rink, just bought my ticketWalk through the door, saw a couple fine (Hey!)Soulja Boy gotta girl, A-Rab gotta cuz-nTook her to da crib now we finna be (Hey!) [x2][Hook](Hey!, Hey!, Hey!) [while fades out]

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