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Skrewed Up

[Intro: Police Recording]
We got pulled over on Larpenteur
Cop: I told him not to reach for it! I told him to get his hand out...
You shot four bullets into him, sir
He was just getting his license and registration, sir
Please don't tell me he's gone, please Jesus no, please no!

[Verse 1]
We are witnessing the return of slavery
Alive tomorrow is what I pray everyday to be
They gon' shoot me down ain't no pepper spray or tasin' me
Then lie about it while the truth
Is layin' in the grave with me (fucked up)
Racial profilin' at an all time high (all time high)
Black, any height, any weight, tats or no tats, we die
No happiness for black mothers and fathers, we cry
Can't do nothin' except drank and smoke, so we drunk we high

All we wanna do is keep on breathin'
Seems like they murder one mo' brotha every evenin'
They got us stretched out on the boulevard bleedin'
It feel like soon as we get to this bitch we leavin'
The devil is a lie, somebody already told you that
Black lives don't matter, the law already showed you that
War time, I'll be where the rest of the other soldiers at
Whenever we open the door the close it back, so skrewed up
This world we livin' in is so skrewed up
And I ain't talkin' DJ Screw, it's so skrewed up
This world we livin' in is so skrewed up
And I ain't talkin' DJ Screw

He been followin' us around the neighborhood, then pulled us over
Yeah, we bouta take him to the house off all alone, then gon' up in there and see if he like it
Two black guys, really it's niggers, they don't own no house out here
Just shows you being black in America

[Verse 2]
Fuck you mean where I'm going and why you need to know that
I pay yo salary through my taxes can I get my dough back
Why am I here? I live here if you lived here you would know that
And you can't search me, you do whatever to make me go back
It's just another arrest to you
Get off work, go see yo family, ain't no stress to you
Like you a hunter right, I'm just another catch to you
Another good shoot, I ain't even a death to you

[Police Recording]
God damn it here I am, shoot my fuckin' ass
Cop: Sir get back, now!
Cop: Get back
Fuck you!
Cop: Sir, get back! Put the gun down, put it down now!
*shots fire*

[Verse 3]
I got a homie that's a constable, we always talk
And they don't like that fact that we cool so we can't always talk
And he ain't crooked either, straight as how we always walk
Unlike some of his coworkers, cause straight ain't how they always walk
High-fivin' after a shoot in front of a grievin' family
It's us against them, I see it comin' please understand me
Constable Alan Rosen really tryna bridge the gap
This is a message, you trippin' if you think this is a rap


[Police Recording]
Cop: He's got his hand up there for it now
Cop: This guy's still walking, isn't following command
Cop: After taser I think, that looks like a bad dude too, they be on something
Shots fired!
Cop: Got a 331, got shots fired, got a suspect down

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