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Smoke Our Life Away

Yeah (echoes)
Ay wuddup peedo
Rest in peace pimp c
Texas what it do?!
Ay (echoes)
Its Young Buck
Yeah (echoes)
Tennessee to Texas, you know we been doin this shit out here
Bun B I see ya Big Homie!
This is real nigga shit right now
Im just connecting the dots
Gettin new kinda money you understand this??
Shit is happening out here
Ay what it do, nigga young buck!
Verse 1
Couldn't catch em in the streets, but we got em in the pen
Tha homies put the knife in the skin, the night came in
Bitch niggas wanna shoot me, say im sorry
Apologizin, sayin daddy wadnt fatherin
But i ain't even trippin, no
Ey what dey hittin foe?
Look ya in ya eyes, say its cool when ya really know
That Ima act a fool with tha choppa
I move with the choppa (what)
Crazy white boys go to school with tha choppa
75 years, Max B, rest my patna
I hope the judge die, niggas gang rape his momma
Im in the airport hopin that tha line coo
Listenin to these crackers talkin bout swine flu

(Chorus) Marys Callin Me, I think she knows me name (knows my name)
Am i callin you? or do you feel my pain? (feel my pain)
Thats why we smoke our life away (hey!)
Smoke our life away!
Thats why we smoke our life away (hey!)
Smoke our life away!
And why we smoke our life away?
Smoke our life away! (ayy)
Thats why we smoke our life away (hey)
Smoke our life away!
Verse 2
Lil chris out the fed, say he bout ta do his best
He had a job
They did a background check
And broke his heart
Ten people in the house, eight kids
Three bedrooms, but this is how it is
Coat hanga antennas on the floor bottom
Fridgerator gotcha name on the coke bottle (yeah)
So who da fuck im posed to follow?
The nigga gettin money, other ones just follow
Keesha wanna hit tha club cuz her crew amped
But she broke, so she gotta go and sell her food stamps
Her lil sista the babysitter, she got a lil nigga tryna make a baby wit her
Dont nobody know where momma at (yeah)
Daddy left last year (what) and never comin back
The youngest one his son and he watchin it all
Sayin hold on yall, one day we gon ball (uhh)

Yea you know cuz they, they be wantin ta know
Why the fuck we, you know, smoke this mothafuckin weed
Nigga we got problems around here nigga
This the ghetto, nigga
Mothafuckas dont know about the mothafuckin streets
Then dont talk about the mothafuckin streets nigga
Cuz we out here gettin it how we live nigga, yeah!
Understand me nigga
Dont underestimate me, understand me nigga
Scarface wuddup Big Homie?!
Oh Yeah, Big shit goin down nigga
This what we gon do niggas
We just gon roll up
We gon smoke one for the niggas locked up
We gon smoke one for the niggas dead and gone
We gon keep on gettin money nigga
Young buck, cashville records
The outlawz nigga they ain't went nowhere nigga


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