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Smokers Anthem


I'sa root 4 like a domino and found me' cuzin froze, soar like an eagle on the porch smokin a mule den i go sit down pon' de centa', and fill it up this swisher, time 2 lick and roll ganja now smoke up, digest, cums the smoka' time 2 start choke, now ignite killa, man getta puff hand de' dro since im da' one dats pimpin' da pen and da' who checks da frint doh', im not goin' 2 put da' sweet out cuz i hear knock pon' de door.

[verse 1]

imma getta box phillies from out da' sto' and cum rite bak' then imma roll a phillie fat as a finga and lite that, lemon lime, hydro and regular pine, u know i like dat, un da' influence a' sticky, cuz i luv it when i be lifted alla' my years be dun' shifted, one deep be up in da car comin out cuz im so talented and gifted,skoopin up nuthin but playas and we're thang in da same, nuthin but flippin and sippin, and runnin a train on mary jane, love it mane. Roolin up and blowin up all day, posted up in da rear view inn smellin good in da hallway. Put a wet towel up unda' doh' but it aint enuff 2 stop da do'do' and lite da pojo, im about 2 rep da logo smoke on in a tinted out 4 doh'.


nuthin but swisher smokin 2 nite,anything that you want from you gotta wait till i get high, im not kappin, butonly stinky green is on my mind, well if you wanna match dis weed well i think we can compromise.

[verse 2]

imma huff, and imma puff cuz i done made it da' habit from point a ta' b and even ta' point c im searchin 4 sum cabbage. Hold up look up in da sky is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its them dem so lovely its mary jane. I'll admit imma a fiend 4 nuthin but codiene and killa green wit a 24 hour high and lean cuz im always smokkin on da scene. Everybody wanna out me 2 da test, im just tryna ease da tention and stress. In =hale but i gotta \\"let it go\\" congested in my chest, in an attempt 2 bust a long hydroponics got me sprung, goin broke behind dis woman and willin 2 spend all my funds, i goota get a fat sack wit 1 double o wit lifted dats 4 sho doh'. And lite da pojo imma bout 2 rep da logo smoke on in a tinted out 4 doh'.


[verse 3]

im liter than al, tryna smoke myself into anotha deminsion pleeze lite up dat dare', cuz i really need 2 calm my nerves i be trippin dats why i gotta stay smokin and 2 keep all my fantasies really a challenge and im vilently chokin nigga gone drop 85 mo' sack fatter than a fat back nigga think would we r-a 2 the n-k everyday all day stimulaing in my mind guerilla maab 1 deep and 1 of a kind, betta not crush dat luv, betta pass if you wanna live, puff puff give on da cool im sick of my buzz acopocko or gold (skunk) get da red air pump, cuz im blowin kill, even if im on paper 4 pullin a caper, i gotta be blowin steel and you know its real (burnin kill) put a wet towel up unda da doh', but it aint enuff 2 stop da do'do and lite da pojo imma bout 2 rep da logo smoke on in a tinted out 4 doh'.


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