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Smokin' and Sippin'


[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Man I got that OG, keep them Swishers on me
Bruh I hope you know me, I get high
I can smoke up three pounds, eat a hundred weeds brownies
I'm sipping on syrup now, I can fly
Twenty shots of vodka, I only drink Ciroc-a
They call me Juicy J, the number one pill popper
I will take your chick and make that bitch work for this dick
Put coke up her nose, I bet that have her turning tricks
She wanna fuck my car, money be in these ho's eyes
I'm so nigga rich, I'm a skeet in these ho's eyes
Your nigga talking shit, he gonna get hit with the four five
I stay stupid high, I can't believe I'm still alive

[Hook x2: Juicy J]
I'm smoking and I'm sipping, I'm smoking and I'm sipping
I'm chilling with your bitch mane, smoking and I'm sipping
I'm smoking and I'm sipping, I'm smoking and I'm sipping
While she giving me head mane, smoking and I'm sipping

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
I put her on codeine, welcome to the get high team
She love a nigga getting that money on the TV screen
She even fuck with them dope niggas working triple beams
Long as she's high and you keep the vodka and Cali green
Ratchet, ratchet bitches, tell all your business
I'ma go across her face, Ike Turner pimping
Leave you in the streets and push your way on them sixes
I'm a dog nigga mane, smoking and I'm sipping

[Hook: Juicy J]

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