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Sorcerer of Death's Construction

[Verse 1]
I’ll bloody up a Hard Rock, shut up and box, I’ll cut you with an ox
Then I’ll fix your face with the skin from your buttocks
Amazing with a razor craving to puncture
More depraving than Wes Craven
Braver behaviour than Kraven the Hunter
You’re lifeless, I’ll show you what trife is if you front
Molest your wife with a rifle then shove a knife in her cunt
Introduce pigs like Riggs to disfigurement
Malignant, my pit chews your ligament like Wrigley Spearmint
Put a hole in your neck, I’m Die Hard, stab you with an iron rod
I am God, lion heart, show respect
Kid, don’t let your pride affect the way you conversate with me
Fucking with me a side effect is surgery, tracheotomy
Jabberjaw, we’ll sniff you out like a Labrador
Jab your jaw, stabbed like a crab claw abracadabra gore
Terrify you like Sheriff Hoyt, a creep like Jon Voight in Heat
Dead in the street, cops can’t verify you

Chaos (Evil minds that plot destruction)
Violence (Sorcerers of death’s construction)
You live (Evil minds that plot destruction)
You die
And death (Sorcerers of death’s construction)
What ?

[Verse 2]
You’re a disgust to me, you got busted and requested protective custody
Scared to get tested, it’s a must you bleed
Have a TV break over your head, give you a Tom Savini makeover
You’ll wake up dead when the meat cleaver takes over
Like Manolo with the barrel, a chrome arrow makes a narrow hole through your Polo apparel into bone marrow
? clapped, you’re handicapped like Brandi kid
You tapped out, you rock a fannypack, fuck you up like Manny Pac
You got the shingles like old ladies at bingo
With dingleberries in their bunghole, you’re wholesome like ?
Death is a trife conondrum, cut you in half with a knife
I laugh while you plunge into the afterlife dungeon
Beat you mercilessly purposely for no purpose
The perp is high on ? I’ll cut you with sharp scissors nervously
? like ? poopers stick a nail in a droopy female groupie’s anal poopy trail
Dead you like Soupy Sales


Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death’s construction

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