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Swedish Fish

Yo. We're not gonna take it
No! We're not gonna take it
We're not gonna take it...anymore!

To all my intelligent motherfuckers
(Word! Yo yo, aiiight aiight, peace dunny! No doubt. Peace. Respect)
To all my inbred knuckleheads reppin' the culture
(Yeah, represent that shit! True. Respect!)
To all the clever ass fuckers out there
(Shit is real! Shit is motherfuckin' real! Peace!)
To all my Swedish Fish
(Swim wit me. Holla if ya hear me. Booaw booaw booaw booaw!)

Sage Francis. Oh yeah. That's one of these smart motherfuckers right?
Yeah. One of those kids that'll think ya to death. Hahaha

This Osgood-Schlatters Syndrome in my bones and my knee hurts
Must have jumped into an unclean gene pool feet first
The rebirth of slick hair
With more "Wooo"s than Ric Flair
Got me blockin' eyes and ears and the rest of my senses are prepared
From the thick air that I breath
How did I get here? I believe
It's time to scream, "What's the chime?"
They leave no trace
Remove the birth marks from your face
Being handicapped is a bitch
But I'm sick of watching her park in my space
How 'bout I hop up on your face and pop this wheely
Clutch my stick shift, you gots to feel me
Growin' too big for the clown costumes
Stupid wig
Got self proclaimed vets in the game askin' their dogs, "Who's the new kid?"
I say, "Um, I'm 32."
Been here for more than 10 years and never heard of you
So what the fucks your curfew?
"Say what? 10 years? God damn!?
That's practically a decade."
And I say, "So, you a math man?"
How 'bout we go 50/50 on our friendship
They say, "Meet me half way, fuck this 50% shit!"
How smart are we?
Very smart
Received a Valentine's Day voice mail from Mary Hart
And then I passed out
Plus the lights were blinking
Too much leisure induces seizures
I'm blacked out but it looks like I'm thinking
Reaching for the ceiling
Pulling down the skyline
You knew I was around
Once I broaden your horizon just to show you the night time
Captain Kirk beam me back to Price Line
And buy my ticket out of the pop culture
There's no intelligent life to find
I'm off the meter, off the hook, I'm off-line
Frankly I'm awful
So underground, I need an oxygen tank and snorkel
To the simple minded, plain and normal
One time
Take me Lord, make me mortal

Yeah, to all my intelligent motherfuckers
(Let's build! Respect respect. Shit is real B! Yeah, respect!)
Peace to all my headcrackin' melon bruisers
(Ayo, aiight aiight. No doubt. Get this money yo!)
Respect to all my dumb bitches
(True. My shit is real ho. Respect. Respect. Ha. Yo. True.)

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