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Teenage Chemistry

[Verse 1]
Kissin' in the streetlights, I was the one you want
We'd be drinking by the TV in the front room all night long
Over at your friend's house
Yeah, they're puttin' things on their tongues
We're talkin' 'bout our dreams and we're dancing crazy

Makin' me adore you
Wanna know you
I remember
The way that we were flying free that summer
We were younger
There was no other
That set my heart on fire
Say we'll be forеver
True love, yеah, whatever
Like we're still eighteen
Teenage chemistry
Late nights in your sweater
Touch lips, yeah, whenever
Like we're still eighteen
Teenage chemistry

Reckless heavenly
Teenage chemistry
Hands all over me, yeah
Teenage chemistry

[Verse 2]
You're runnin' all the red lights
Just to get me back home
And you put on some heavy punk music
As I let you take off my clothes
I kiss you as my lips shake

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