Naison - Tell Me All About Me Lyrics

Tell Me All About Me

Tell me all about me
I'm back on my shit
Let's go
Tell me all about me
Yo, look

[Verse 1]
This shit right here is not recommended
For any straight sucker who gets easily offended
Seems like this what I do best
Flow on a break with a loop in the back, lyrical content so complex even Lupe couldn't digest
I'm rapping soul food I'm not offended when I see these junk food rappers vomiting after some shit this splendid
I'm all 'go green' soon I'll go vegan cause the shit you eat is infected
I'm one hundred percent invested man I'm way past the pahse of being reckless
I only fuck with a selective
Of people, the rest of yall can go back to flexin'
Man, we're all equal but my caliber of rappin' is on the same level as Eminem spazzin'
You fuck with me one on one, you get your ass behind on the floor draggin' while I spit fire, fly like a dragon
This ain't a game man that's how I'm flexin'
I'm the freshest backpacker spittin' on Boom-Bap records, I got it
I don't really wanna fuck around with subpar rappers so stop it
And if we talkin' deal it better be a fucking million
You see me on the court fucking the game up like Russell, my shots, I shoot, I hit, I don't miss, that's the fucking hustle, uh
My competitors don't match me, they steady diggin' their own grave like they rap with a shovel
Man I've been playing fetch, I threw my flow, they brought it back, but didn't relax their jaw muscles
These dumbos chasing tails, gettin' wet in some dirt puddles while I'm stay in the studio, writing, playing puzzles
You wanna treat me like a mattress, keep sleeping on me I'll break your fucking back for practice
I deliver the lyrical acrobatics, if you want it come give me some static
Me and you, we're not from the same fabric, I see you attempting hand-stands while I do some back-flips crafting the hardest bars like a blacksmith
Your squad looking at me like 'yea I feel that shit, ha'
They be rocking Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada
But when it comes to rapping, I don't see shit
That's how we gon' do it
For this rap shit I'm perfectly suited, the heights I'm aiming for are lately very secluded
And my girl the baddest, she look like she work in Hooters
Man, fuck your assembly line shooters, I'm an underground landmine, come close and I get the nearest metro boomin'
Man, who the fuck you think you foolin'
(Who the fuck you think you foolin')
Let's go

[Hook 4x]
Tell me all about me
Put your hand away I ain't shakin' it, all you ever did was doubt me
Some people doubt, the same people cry
Some people talk, the same people lie

Can't fake it man
Real shit
I'm out

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