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I'm so fucking awesome, mama was that also
I'm taking everything, everything but precaution
Your pictures on the 'and texting like Austin
Pussy make me hard, pussy nigga make me nausea
I've me on my feet since the say I start walking

Bitch I think I'm Milton Hamlet put that nail in the coffee
Say all' in the truck save pussy and have options
Bullets got to have nigga ...running faster enough to race horses
Round here you're softie lange, don't cross 'em
Kill you ass, need you behind like often
I swear it happens all the time very often still getting base 'bout money
Here we go for keys, yeah we're eating but we're starving
I get meal money try to spread it like '
I'm flying like a motherfucker; all my flies chart are green
'black car, I'm loyal
I'm good, goo, yeah
What up?
I say, I go into my base smoke
Wait a nigga to eat those
I tell the bitch take a deep breath then belling me like a freak hore
I don't want no good girl wile I fell in love with this freak hores
And in my bed room I make a movie, it starts with a '
I ball hard like this hores 'my central'it's start with that three words
Waiting my pocket, I wait '
Money all my mind, I got two of this on my team, they got bottles on that night
Look at that bad bitch right there, see that body on their '
I ain't swimming in hore, you know probably on that ground
All these nigga's hate on me, but I ain't that type, type
Drop it in that back, and I ain't talking 'bout swang
I'm talking 'bout you all sixty too' they say a nigga too fat
You all wet, got to hold you singing, '.
Your nigga bad like my hores
And I'm like way they do that?
Go, go, go, go, go, go,
I don't have a conscience
All my friends are monsters, they dizzying me so constant
And talk to me about nonsense like stabbing you and the watching you how you fight for your life'
'I smoke OG killer 'bout the'
I better be on that'
All those shit bitch go it all
Even if you get the gun just be here for see the blood '
I'm fresh here like 'don't hate the game just analyzed it
Two send up it's '
About fat bitches panties size
Take a bullet in chest and be so great about it
Stop that little bitch nigga
Most the of this are bitch nigga
I got a 'in the basement
My hair is long like my dick nigga
My hair is long like my dick nigga
My hair is long like my dick nigga
My money open my wings strong, I feel longer ', I'm way longer
Now watch me on the free floor, ding

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