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Thank You

(Jae Millz)
Black And Grey Pink Stripes
Marc Jacobs Hard Bottoms
Im Fly Spreadin My Wings Like ???
And My Date Yea She Beautifoul Too
She Went Easy On Da Make up But Da Bitch Still

We Ease Out The Row And Proceed Forward
Aint So Im Passin Twice Fellin Like A graduation Wit
All Of these Flashing Lights
You Fuckin RIght IM ????????

You Damn Right Alotta Wife Go To Smashing Night
Red Carpets Cameras I Say Millz Yikes
Shit Dis Must Be What Victory Feel Like
Got You Niggas Stuck Like Still Lifes
Weezy Told Me Kid We Bout Ta Know What Makin
History Feel Like
Young Money Got By Da Earl Like Garnett
I Throw My Hands In The Air And Scream Top Of Da World
The Champs Have Arived Thanks For The Applaud
You Are Far Too Kind Now Pass Us Our Award

(Mack Maine)
Uh Pass Me Dat H20 Im In Dat H2
Passin Out My My Old Bitches
Dey hollerin Out I hate You New Bitches
Dat I dnt Know Like Mack I wanna Date You
Walt Disney On Ice Every Time i skate Through
I Got THat Blue Flame Flow Its Inferno
Chlamydia Type The Word They Will
burn You Ya Flesh Is What I Burn Through
Im Sunnin you Niggas Im Paternal
I aint Goin Nowhere Like Joe Paternal
Im Still Callin Shots Form The Press Box
I Make You Niggas Cough Up A lung Like S Dot
Put Hot Sauce On My Bullets Now Ya Flesh Hot
Glove Over My Shootin Hand When I feel The Tecks Hot
You Niggas On Da Bench Yall Gets No Pt (Play Time)
Beacause YOu Cant Ball Hard LIke Bd
You Niggas Wanna Be Me And Yea Homie Listen To My Cd
And Roll Ya Eyes Every Time Ya See Me
I used To fuck wit B.g I gotta White House Dat AInt In D.C
Try Atlanta Nigga
Me ANd My Brother Toon We Ridin Round In Phantoms Nigga
And MayBachs Wit Wheels That cost A Fortune like
Pat Saijack
And We Still Got Dat Vannh White
We Done Made To Holly Grove TO Dis Nigga
Dis A faboulous Life
Honney Comb Hide Out Young Mone Beehive
Lemme Move To Side Here Comes The Best Rapper
(Lil Wayne)
And I will Not Lose
I Got Dem Bitches Loookin
At DA bottom Of My Shoes
Call Me First Place Carter
I live In The Lead Im A Die
With The Title And Winnin
Is Vital
Women Is After We Get Dat Money Right
Now My Paper Chase Me Its On My heels
Like SOme White Socks Ima Just Go
Cause I Dont Really Like Stop
Pull This Bitch Out And Shoot You Once In DA Right Spot
Yall Niggas Phony Da TOp Is So Lonly I Had To Tell Da
Devil You Gone Have To postpone Me Right Now Im In A
Race And A race Against Time Cuz Er Body Else
Is Like A Race Against Mine
But Momma Kind A Fast Though Momma Told Me SMash
Though So Im Bout Ta Smash Yo Mutha Fuckin Ass Hoe
Mutha Fuckin Asshole Yea I know This But When You Get Cash
Out Da Asshole You GOtta Be On SOme SHit
FUture billionare Yea I Gotta Be On Da List
Got A Runway In My Past Cuz All Da Models Be On My Dick Young Money Young Money
Swallow Dat Shit Bitch Santa Clause Killa Wit A holiday Shit List
You Could Check My Imprint Two New Teks And A M-10 Every Bullet In Him Swell up Like a
I get Money Hoe What Da Hell I look Like Pimpin??? Bitch Im Winnin Ya Diigg!

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