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That'z Gangsta Shit

Hey, ok lets do it, Young Gotti
Yeah, you dont know about kurupt Young Gotti ok
Let me show you something man

Thats gangsta Shit (x4)
Nigga yeah gangsta'd up, yeah one time for your mind
Gangsta shit (x4)
We don't give a fuck we, we smashing in the cut
Thats gangsta shit (x4)

Nigga, what the fuck you looking at
You don't know me from jack, acting like you got a strap
but cha'll is niggaz 'n' bustaz, just a banch of punk motherfuckers
Kurupt Young Gotti life in a potti
You know me nigga, 2 shotty yeah, that stands for a reason
Busting on niggaz when its hunting season
Gangstafied, living my life, do or die
You could feel the vibe, its all inside
Its Humo size, its homicidal and its very vital
You could see these bitch niggaz, they ain't shit
Acting like a bitch, like Kurupt 'Whats going on nigga'

Thats gangsta Shit (x4)

For me to bomb on that bitch nigga
Like it ain't shit,
Cause you's a motherfucken BITCH!

Thats gangsta Shit (x4)
Thats gangsta Shit
Thats hussy shit
Thats gangsta Shit
Thats hussy shit
Thats gangsta Shit
Thats hussy shit
Thats hussy shit
Thats gangsta Shit
Thats gangsta Shit
Thats hussy shit
Thats gangsta Shit
Thats hussy shit
Thats hussy shit
Thats gangsta Shit
Thats hussy shit
Thats gangsta Shit

Thats the shit I'm talking about
The homeys walk about, 5 miles
Kurupt get on the mic and spit 5 styles
It really don't matter cause I'm hostile
Leave niggaz up in the hospital
Conic, chronic, get from the middle
Looking at a nigga cause to get played
like the cat played the fiddle
Don't matter, cause they can't unsolve the riddle
What the fuck we cracking in Californa
Wit niggaz come up and blast on ya
I never gave a fuck about a bitch
Kurupt Young Gotti bitch make me rich
Next thing you know, I step to the side
The homeboy hump already to ride
T-C rollin, you know T-Cellin
Nigga rollin through a homie Roscoe deling

Kurupt and Roscoe holocaustal hostal
Colousal concanjerish from Los Angeles

Thats gangsta Shit (x4)

Now who got them fo's bouncing down the streets
And always got they heat Kurupt Young Gotti

Thats gangsta Shit (x4)

Nigga who be in the corp
And don't give a fuck Big Nate nigga
Big Snoop, you bitch niggaz

Thats gangsta Shit (x4)

Nigga ride dipping never gave a fuck
And we just so G'd to a T

Thats gangsta Shit (x4)

Ammos all you bitch niggaz be trynna be
G like me, nigga

You ain't gangsta shit (x3)
You's just a bitch

Nigga, I like my switches to hope
I want all my motherfucken gates burning
Niggaz ain't looking and niggaz ain't learning
Just 1 turn and everythings turning
These bitch niggaz need to step up
Cause Kurupt to me, no concerning
Just money earning like money earning
Mt burning wit 2 hammers laying niggaz down
This is just the way the Dogg Pound roam around
Looking at bitch niggaz when we hit town
Like what the fuck do you
Bitch niggaz wanna see wit Kurupt
Now thats gangsta shit and thats more then that
Thats Kurupt Young Gotti wit the 40 cow strap
Bout to lay dis nigga, I spray dis nigga
I 'K' dis nigga, L-A dis nigga
Is just a bitch-BITCH!
Trip off the nigga homie lets shake

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