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The Barbie Diaries

Everyone has got a secret side
*a winding path up to a door thats open wide*
You think you know me
But I’m changing all the time
Cause if I wanna be sweet, if I wanna be wild
If I wanna cry like a child
If I pick up the world, it’s a ball in my hand
I guess that’s just who I am

This is me, can’t ignore it
Reaching out, breaking free
Constantly, falling forward
Yeah, I’m just going for it
This is me

Sometimes life is a confusing thing
When I talk it seems like no one’s listening
Try to be an angel, but I just can’t find my wings
If I wanna be sweet, but I wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuanna be wild
And I wanna try my own style
So I’ll make a mistake, and I’ll do it again
But I’ll do it the best that I can


More than what you see
Finding out who I can be

[Chorus x2]

This is me, can’t ignore it
Breaking free
Falling forward
Yeah, I’m just going for it
This is me!

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