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The Epic (Fairground) (Mushroom Farm Demo)

Track 9 of _Season's End_

On top of the world like a flag on a mountain
Feeling so high you can feel so alone
Unable to breathe at the height that you flew
Staring on clouds with no view of below
On top of a girl like a dream in a hotel
Falling towards something out of control
Unable to miss like the man in the tram
Crashing his car in Amsterdam
He did it without knowing
Didn't feel a thing
Just wrecked it and kept going
The space around the stars
Is something that you know
A billion miles of darkness
Left you feeling low
Everything about you
So perfectly restrained
But everything inside you
Bites you
Everybody in the whole of the world
Feels the same inside
Everybody in the whole of the whole of the whole of the world
Everyone is only everyone else
Everybody's got to know
Everybody lives and loves and laughs and cries
And eats and sleeps and grows and dies
Everybody in the whole of the world is the same this time

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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