Obedient, imperialistic, capitalistic, sadistic
Clapping you bitches with a calico hundred round clip shit
A hundred rounds in the ring kid bring ya death rap
I sing it like Bing Crosby, rocking bling
Shouts to those locked in the bing
I rep it in the town like a mayor, I might slay her
Heavymetal down
You gonna make me flip out, you better settle down
Sit down Ubu good dog I'll feed you puppy chow
You're not ready for combat with real crews
They got bludges, bones to pick and mad shit to prove
My click is sickos, attack like sickle-cell anemia
Stick a sickle in back of the neck an enemy
That's scheming on ya
I'm sick of you sorry mothafuckas sleeping
I'm sorry I gotta murder you, your clic is a male sorority
You're the shemale authority, you'll die!
You'll get slapped in the face like your father did
Marty McFly!
Stop frontin', I'd seen you rockin' coke bottle bifocals
In high school, lookin' like Urkle
You might fool others, but not me, my x-ray vision
Peeps your facade like the Massad during an intelligence mission
It's futile, battle in the brutal minute style of crucial like crucifixion, some crums sound the bugle
Another moselium filled, you better pause, chill nucca
You get hit in the grill with metal claws
Ancient weapons, you're covered in blood red gauze
Postered up in the E-R
Beating you down in public is what we call good P-R
On your best day you couldn't see me pard
We'll make a spectacle out of you, nothing technical
Just a quick snuff 'n simple 'n effective is acceptable
Unpredictable, impeccable, dispicable
Respectable but like a pitbull when a check a fool
Y' BITCH (echo: bitch bitch bitch)

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