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The Introduction

Tell me
Why must any of the children die? [x5]

[Verse 1]
Think I'll drink myself into a coma
And I'll take every pill that I can find
But morphine, codeine, whiskey, they won't alter
The way I feel now death is not around
So death, take your fiddle
And play a song for me
Play a song we used to sing, the one that brought you close to me
Play a song and I will sing along

He's so-so and his voice annoys me
High pitched pierce in my headphone's foam
String section kill the whining
Air violins played right behind him
Drag your sneakers, destroy the tread
His songs will never form a trend, keep crying
I can't dance like a genisys single
Whenever his record gets played, button pushed
I need up-tempo for my feet to move
Fuck it, that laundry room beat was cool
But his, words written showed a weakened fool
One in a world full of them like a Bee Gee's tune
He'll never be the toughest boxer
And I will never tolerate the ones who lose
No bastard ever won a war by dying
He won it by making you succumb to wounds
That's all

Why must any of the children... Why must they die?
So we ask the lord, and the lord says...

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