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The K

[Verse 1: Sadat X]
Brooklyn wild big like a planet
Better have nerves of granite
Cause when it pops, no cops get rest
Coney Island like a fortress facing the sea
Bushwick on the edge of the BQE
In Farragut and Fort Greene, I laid down box
I move in the Stuy, I'm that guy
I'm that nigga yelling "7-1-8"
You that nigga that everybody hate
I'll slide into Brownsville, but only the daytime
And even then, my nigga, ain't nothing guaranteed
Garages in Flatbush for yardman weed
Got Trinis, Asians, Blasian, Caucasians, Jews
Fantastic views from the Heights
But it's often interrupted by sirens and lights
Hard work and population
The size of a little nation
So spread your shit, that's why I'm liking shit

[Hook: Scribby]
It's the life that all of us been reaching for
Real meets real every day on this concrete road
See what I see, although we don't inhale the taste
Balling's way past a dollar; what the fuck, somebody holler

[Verse 2: Sadat X]
I relocate to where it's good for me
I like being low, but I miss New Ro
With Ross, Coss, Wise, Vic
Half, Spit, was all in the rib
They seen the first ad-lib at a Nub show, too
Together we grew
It's been a while since we played in the H.R
Got to lay this music, God
And you know you got packing
When niggas start acting
You know how to call
Y'all is in my heart, that's why I love all of y'all
A man made moves, though
Hit the X running
Come back to double-gunning, Vietnam mode
University and Fordham Road
Moved to 120 when I got a little money
Got a new whip and a wave lil' honey
I was out!


[Verse 3: Sadat X]
Now I'm in Brooklyn and I got my little body
We don't bother nobody
I make my own moves
Slide in the grooves
I'm aware about Albee Square
Nigga, I was there (in '89)
Bitches pulling hair (knock your fronts out)
No cameras was there
Hoodie, 'lo gear
"Go Brooklyn" in the air
NA rocking pieces
Went out to the Bush and heard dangerous diseases
The God often eases in the hood
From the ghetto, making good
Now I'm settled off of X
Seen Tek off of Lex
Buffalo and St. John
Where niggas walk around with only the horse on
Ain't no putting me on
Brooklyn always take it
Got down south niggas upstate trying to fake it
"Oh, I'm from, uh, Bedford and...Nostrand"
"Where you from, nigga?"
"And all of those who live in Brooklyn know just what I'm talking"


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