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The Thinker's Lair

Obnubilation tries to throw me into its vortexPsychic whirl of thoughts feeding the storm insideThreshold of madness, situation getting complexPulling obstacles on my pathways to reliefDisruptions try to lead my soul into a pitfallIn the grip of lies, broken dreams and disbeliefWhere can i find the needed help to climb this high wall?Hidden in the thinker's lairThe only place where i feel freeSheltering from winds of despairTrying to know who i have to beTaking breaths of inner airI srcutinize inside of meTo return i will dareNow i prepare my reparteeWatching, thinking, analysingWatching, thinking, analysingIncorporeal magnets pulling me from every sideObnubilation abducts my life and makes it complexPsychic whirl of thoughts, but this time i will not hideExhilirated by the will to avoid the vortexI'm back from the thinker's lairReturning where i have to beBack from the thinker's lairAnd i've prepared my reparteeI'm back from the thinker's lair
Obliveon The Thinker's Lair

Date Added: 2007-11-29
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