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The World So Cold w/ Lil B

"Soulja Boy was arrested Wednesday night. He spent the night in jail after running for a week... Who actually is Soulja Boy? He is this 17 year old kid from Atlanta. He started posting his music on myspace a few years ago... Got discovered last February and signed a record deal with Interscope. His album came out last October and this song refuses to die. His album has sold over six hundred thousand copies on the strength of this one song and this song has been nominated for a grammy

[Soulja Boy]
Why we gotta grow up in the world so cold?
Got girls getting raped, only nine years old
Police attacking us, that's why we defensive
Got a cure for AIDS, but it's too expensive
I look into my father's eyes, and see the resemblance
Both black, being positive and all about business
I get back everyday, thank God as my witness
Everyday my body grow stronger, and my mind get tougher
We got a black president, but everyone still suffers (Why everyone still suffer?)
Cause the world so cold (So cold)
Because The World So Cold (So cold)

[Lil B]
Gang for real
Your whole family, hope they live long with good health
We at war everyday, I'm alarmed myself
Feel like my fam wanna rob me, and disarm myself
But karma is a thing that they cannot see
The world so cold, who made HIV?

Why the world so cold?
I don't know man, I swear
Hey Soulja man, you real for this one man, this thing touched my heart man, for real
The world so cold, god bless your family on the other side, you heard me
God bless my family man, and all the people that's listening to this
Live positive, man the world is crazy
For real

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