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They're Sayin

Verse 1]
Yeah, hello it's Witty man
I'm doing what these rappers do
Show me a girl with a fat ass so I can come tea bag it too
Ridin' down the avenue, windows down, fingers up
Spittin' in yo kids lunch cause I don't really give a fuck
If I'm a rapper then I'm probably just a mean guy
That likes to sit around a lot and jack off in the meantime
And only rap about money, clothes, and how I mack dimes
And get so fucked up I drive through every fucking street sign
I'll probably eat my whole fucking body from my head to my toes
And probably write a couple of raps about drinking and fucking hoes
Oh, you think I'm comical?
Knockin' beast like Dominoes, just sit back, you want some more?
No idea where Ima go
But all I know is I'm perfecting my flow so just listen
They're taking shots at me now but they're shots seem to be missing
While I'm practicing my rapping you should probably practice your dissing
And they're looking for awards but they haven't started admission

They're saying that I'll never be nothing
Oh alright
They're saying that I'll never do nothing
Oh alright

[Verse 2]
Yeah, well let me show you what I came to do
I came to fuck the game with a big cane and a can of lube
I'm looking for my camera crew
See life is like a moving dude
I bring my dogs with me everywhere like the Goofy Troop
They tried to label me like
"Mark you are this that, matter of fact just sit back
Matter of fact yo shit's wack, matter of fact you get that
Cause I spit crack and yo shit slacks
See me? I'm a big deal you're small, like a tic tac"
Well I guess that must mean I taste good then
Your girl is like a running back
I'm calling her my wood tack
Oops I must've spilled the beans on that
She said she likes to lick my shaft and then she moves to my sack
Fuck, you tried hard to begin with
But now you think that you're finished
So you don't try cause you still
Think that you're winning
And then you hear me you grimaced
Because you limit your limits
And me I don't, so instead, I'll be the one that is winning
But you think that you're finished
And you think that you're winning
But you not because you limit your limits
So, I'll be the one that is winning
Ha ha, yeah

They're saying that I'll never be nothing
Oh alright
They're saying that I'll never do nothing
Oh alright

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