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They See A Playa

(feat. Big Hawk, Big Don, & Pup)

Playa don't hate me, hate the game
Ain't got time to be out here bullshitting, I'm out here trying to make some change
Please don't get it twisted, I'm a Mo City soldier I thought I told ya
Roll with us, or get your ass rolled over
See we all about our feddy, pulling up on chrome
Nigga for real ask G.I.N., or you can ask Chad Jones
Baby we Presidential playas showing up, all these hoes gon mind
Everyone of us diamond down, bitch and all them hoes gon shine
We living lovely sipping bubbly, all our cars are foreign
Ain't no jackers we barring, cause we ready for war'n
I'm the king like Tarzan, but minus swinging on a vine
We swanging on 84's, and chopping in a line
Houston Texas, the origin of baller's paradise
It's going down, I can smell it in the air tonight
So when you see us pulling up, plus looking like a million
Balling permanently but fakers change, like chamileon

[Hook x2:]
They see a playa
They see a playa
They see a playa
They see a playa in the mix, so they jump on dick

[Big Don:]
They see a playa in the mix, so they jump on dick
They see the kid and painted six, and the wrist frost bit
They see a nigga on the grind, and he just won't quit
I keep pumping and keep em jumping, on the tip of my dick
It's going down, baby
These hoe ass niggaz, trying to roach our shine baby
But I don't give a motherfuck, just pay me mine baby
And I'ma show you why we repping H-Town baby, where we grind on the daily
Just pay me, don't delay me I need stacks
Don't be tripping sideways, cause a 40 what I pack
Cause they see a nigga grinding, see a nigga shining
See a nigga elbows, bumper kit reclining
In the mix, I done moved crumbs to bricks
And everybody worldwide, know that Crest is the click
On some Presidential shit, when we hitting the stage
Get off dick we in the mix, just to get paid

[Hook x2]

They see a playa in the mix, and a broad under my arm
Got the bomb squad with me, and a glock up under my charm
Better recognize nigga, I cause bodily harm
I got a tommy gun, I call that bitch body-be-gone
See I'm a playa slash murderer, you know the name nigga
Straight out of Pud Park, bringing the flame nigga
The aim is superior, mack game flawless
I pull a bitch without even talking, I'm the rawest
I pull up in the Lac, with the woofers in the back
And the windows kinda cracked, sitting fat like a mack
With your broad on my lap, bout to take her to the trap
When her ass come back, I'ma be sitting on a stack
See that's how playas do it, dog the pimp game fluid
Some niggaz turn pop, but I'ma stay true to it
The pinky ring bluest, and the wardrobe sick
And that's the reason, why I got these niggaz bitch on my dick

[Hook x2]

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