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Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Intro: Casino Film Samples]
You ever do anything like that I’ll fucking kill ya, pure and simple, you hear me? Pure and fucking simple I’ll fucking kill you, you little bitch, you fucking whore
I’ll sign anything you want me to sign ok. I just want the key to my jewellery and I
Want you to let me go.. I want you to let me go!
And what? And let you disgrace me? You fucking pig!


Sometimes I love you.. Sometimes I hate you.. But when I hate you.. It’s cause I love you..

[Verse 1]

Out of all the broads I did it with, you got the best chance of being committed
To a psychiatric ward, admit it
From Barbie to Bambi to Ambi and parties, arteries clogged with drugs
You’re a slob, your fathers pleased turned out into burned retarded skeez
I bet you got a disease and when you fart it bleeds
You stoop as low as your self-esteem, let a rap group hit you in the pooper for the team
Betty Boop have a jumpsuit up[?] jumping through hoops
Not me, I’ll pump you, bust my nut then dump you
Whoops! Use an infected heroin needle, kill your new born foetal when you car crash like Don Cheedle
I wish this brutal verse on you cause you dissed me when I missed you bitch now I voodoo curse you
A psychologist wrote, leave a relationship on a positive note, fuck that I hope you choke!


[Verse 2]

I might end up the worst husband, but you’re more corrupt
Come on you fucked your first cousin
You sucked your pops off, you’ll sucked the cock of a horse for coke
You’ll walk the block of course
Intercourse is flossed of by the pimp boss
Never marry a bitch, the average marriage ends in divorce
I share the same view on women as Gene Simmons
Skin tight denim, getting up in ‘em is the minimum
Mad g’s in prison from fighting over some sleaser skeezer ho stays in the blizit and she don’t visit
You ugly witch fed drugged snitch cheap stripper leech bedbug bitch
You don’t look like Carmen Electra, hooker you look shredded like Shiroma mixed with Oprah
Pole dancer, your asshole’s a rancid massive hole of cancer, don’t romance her!


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