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This Is The Carter - (with Mannie Fresh)

[Lil Wayne talking]Ok I'm finally perfect, ya knowYall already know what it is and if you don'tThen the great Mannie Fresh will enlighten you[Hook: Mannie Fresh]Ladies and gentlemen, pimps and playasHalf ass rappers and true rhyme sayersThis is the Carter, so hold onto your teenage daughterBecause this is the Carter, a lot more rich and a whole lot smarterWayne in ya brain young CarterWayne in ya brain young Carter[Lil Wayne]Who am I, young wizzle fa shizzleFlow sicker than a third floor in hospitalsMy charm starburst, my watch skittlesI'm hot sizzle, what up hot bizzleHolla at a playa, I'm sorta like BDYall can't stop my dribble, or block the lay-upsSoft top the Coupe, mami pop her tooDon't chase the feelin baby girl let it come to youRemove the ceiling on the girl now she comfortableI'ma world class G mami f**k wit dudeI got Lazy-Boy bank that's comfort lowI'ma offense coordinator run the shoeYou watch your grill what you ought to doFore' your ribs get barbecuedAnd my ribs is showin I say I'm starving dudeThis, this, this, this, this is the Carter dudeWhat up Reel, c'mon[Hook][Lil Wayne]I'm the Birdman Birdman Jr. bitchI be high in the sky shit on you and yo bitchI be flyer than your guy nigga lose the prick[This Is The Carter - (with Mannie Fresh) lyrics on]Now if ya follow everything just grab a wingAnd we could sssssshhhhhhhhAll the way down to the mall and bet I buy it allYoung Mar' picture the broad lickAll the way down to the balls then she wipe it offIf getting money is wrong I ain't right at allI young money a car I just write it offI'm the boss of my own shit, I'm my own clickI would say f**k ya but go and get ya own dickGet ya game up boy hustle harderThis, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, thisGet ya game up boy hustle harderThis, this, this, this, this, this is the Carter, yea[Hook][Lil Wayne]And yall better blame Baby'cause he the muthuf**ka that made me, and I'm crazyAnd yall ask why I never left the navy'cause he the muthuf**ka that pay me, is you crazyYoung, young, young wizzle babyGive you yo issue, me don't wanna kiss youNo, no, no me no want no bullshitSo, so stop baller blockin 'cause a nigga hood richAnd I floss everyday because I could bitchSo holla at ya boy 'cause I'm still on some hood shitLike, like, like whats really good wit ya mom or your lil boyAnd your sister lookin good shit, shitI'm still Apple Eagle weasel1-7 Hollygrove never ever ever leave youI got yall waitin on my sequelThis, this, this, this, this, this is the Carter people[Hook Repeat X2][Lil Wayne talking until the end

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