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Throw Up T'z

My team is throwin' up T'z
Cutthroat, cuttys, and beezys
Thizz worldwide like a [?]
Everybody's dumbin' on somethin'
Some of them dudes stupid doo-doo
Some of them dudes is doin' a fool
Some of them dudes off mushrooms
Some of them dudes took two in orange juice

Cool when you cause a cutthroat condition, pimpin'
Turn it up cause we pillin' in the building
So thizz with us, that Crestside way
Mayne thizz [?] same as [?] Furley
Mac no mercy
[?] jive turkey
Talk [?]
We bird dance on your grave
I get mo' pussy than Eric Benet
I'm boss Bay sensei
You smirch your Ben-Gay
I'm presidente
No play, call a shot that can't be blocked by Dikembe
What up do'
I'm higher than Humboldt
Smoke cactus [?]
And you can't trust no hoe
[?] they want yo' do'
Make 'em suck meat pole
Cancel bitch like Nino
[?] kick me down


[?] tell me how you do it
It seems so [?] like there was nothing to it
Bustas try to boost it but the doofus, they deluded
Mackin' wrote his shit in raw sewage
Focused like a Buddhist
Looted like a Jewish
Crestside cool click, cutthroat and stupid
Thizzlamic movement, merc work
We don't miss
No fingerprints, lift swift, fix a [?]
MP-Fifth with the plantain clip
Smoke 5 hollow tip bricks of dynamite sticks
Fuck the fuckin' pricks who insist
Tricks or get licked
We make the [?] limp
A pimp'll get ya hit
So don't test my temp'
You get stick hit with the [?] fuckin' gimp
We way too gorilla for you motherfuckin' chimps
We way too gorilla for you motherfuckin' chimps


My team
Thizz Worldwide


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