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[Verse 1: Z-Ro]
Goddamn (goddamn)
When will a nigga get a break? (break?)
I work so damn hard but I never come up (never come up)
I get worse with every breath I take (take)
Sunshine is a luxury (luxury)
Just to see another day is enough for me ('nough for me)
Cause I'm living on borrowed time (time)
The next funeral I go to might be mine (it might be mine)
Goddamn (goddamn)
I'm tryna hold onto my faith (my faith)
They used to tell me it was gonna get greater later (later)
Now it's later and I'm still in the same place (place)
Any time I get off the ground (off the ground)
Crab in the bucket ass niggas pull me back down (pull me back down)
I fall flat on my face (face)
Feeling helpless and it's written all over my faaa-aaa-aaace

[Hook: Mya and Z-Ro]
Here we go again, hustling another season
I keep my faith in God, to face these demons
Sometimes I win the battle, but it doesn't mean I win the war
I gotta laugh to keep from crying, good times I really wonder what they are

[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
Even if I feel there's no reason to feel ashamed
Nothing used to lose, I had
Enough opportunity to playing the game
I can't be stopped, ninety-eight percent from the field
But they won't pass the rock, even though I'm wide open for the shot
It got me ready to scream "fuck my team"
Seems like the players I'm running with don't want me to touch my dreams
With my own hands, I'm tired of making money in the name of others
I'm tryna touch it with my own hands
Wanna rob a bank sometimes, but then I'd have to spend
My life, my life, my life, my life, dug in one time
And end up back in the pen
So I'm stuck as a starter payed as if I'm riding the bench
I know to you I'm looking like I'm rich but I'm not
I'm just know how to take what I got and whip it until it looks like a lot
Not gonna lie, sometimes I wanna give up
But when I look at my daughter I pick my chin up, I gotta survive


[Verse 3: Z-Ro]
Too many niggas tryna take me offa my game (offa my game)
I'm tryna do something good but because I'm from the hood
I always end up in these chains (always end up in these chains)
When you see me in the town, you ain't gotta slow down
I'm in love with my own company (company)
Phoney homies see me on the TV (TV)
And I can see 'em coming to get me in my sleep (sleep)
That's why I'm staying sucker free (sucker free)
Cause dealing with hard times is enough for me (enough for me)
I don't need no help my nigga, I can do bad on my own
I'm so tired (tired), tired (tired), tired (tired)
I'm so tired (tired), tired (tired), tired
But I'mma keep on pushing


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