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Toe Tagz N' Body Bagz

Toe tagz body bagz [x3]

Toe tagz body bagz dead body cold slab
Embalm the body after the autopsy
No blood just formaldehyde, the outcome of homicide or suicide
Pine box, dressed in ya sunday best
Got a single white rose layin off on ya chest
Close the open casket ain't no coming back
Like a one-way ticket be it coach or first class
Like a trip to the otherside soaked in all black
Time to face facts layin flat on my dead back
I flip that call it all a mishap
Then bag up ya body with tagz so they don't mismatch

[Hook x2]
Toe tagz body bagz imma put you on a cold slab
Toe tagz body bagz zip yo ass up in a bag

Tag'em and bag'em and drag'em in to the underground
Collect preserve use discretion never make a sound
Floor boards squeak but the dead don't speak
They marinate in the fruit celler for up to 3 weeks
Till they're ripe for pickin and they get plucked and tucked
Between the walls like insulation where they remain stuck
Forced to listen to other victims getting the same
Cause the artist is consistent so it's performed the same way

Hefty cinch sak 50 gallon or more
Available in any home improvement or grocery store
I buy'em by the pallette and fill my trunk with dead bodies
Three fat, two skinny old men and stacked hotties
I tag'em on the toe so only I will know
How I killed'em and the reason why they came here for
Got so many got a library a thru z
All buried beneath the lights of my H-O-M-E

[Hook x2]

Linda and Larry and Lori we got most of the L's
20 or 30 or more as we dig in to hell
Tunnels and caverns underneath the apolled
Deeper in the ground so the body remains cold
With copies of toe tagz man I treat' it like a recipt
There's a copy for you copy for me customer policy
I run a business and this hobbies not a game
It's a passion for the art normal people would call insane
Big silva duck tape toe tagz dead weight
2 on da porch 1 more in the crawl space with no face
Looking at me but I hear'em at night
Crawlin through the walls trying to rob me of my own life

[Hook x2]

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