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Toy Soldiers

INTRO (The Game)

1st Verse

I Dont Need To Wear No Timbalands To Put You On Game
Ain't Gotta Had A Mona Lisa To Put The Shit In Frame
Picture Her Face Off, Travolta And Nicolas Cage
Picture Me Versus him, Before The Album Class With Kanye
rewind time put yourself in a New York state of mind,
Jay I wasnt him but i was in New York letting the don spray
big G on my chain that i got from my old boss
fast forward Giant Stadium, The Game poppin'off
it aint a Game poppin' off no Eli Manning's
no Tyree catch no Tom Brady or Randy Moss
still fifty thousind in the stands, niggaz going crazy
i wasnt the headliner but i was right before Jay-Z
and that made me everything my grandmother prayed be,
happend to my grandmother's Jay T
Bigga Figgas, bigga nigga I pray so you smaller
ballers get the the picture.


get money throw your mothafucking hands up
take money ski mask and them handguns
im from the land of drive-by's and palm trees
and every city i go i got a fucking >>army>army

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