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Unreleased verses 01

[Verse: Kevin Gates]
Found some odyssey and honestly
You can’t be mad at me
For not wantin’ my queen to be
A gangsta felon reflection of me
Got too deep in my lifestyle and you stop showin’ affection to me
You got a job, good grades in school
(All the shit that I couldn’t do, yeah)
Stayed humble, stayed outta jail
(All the shit that I wouldn’t do, yeah)
You fell in love with a G
Cryin’, you said we wasn’t meant to be
But wipe yo tears bae because one day we’ll be faded
Laughin’ in luxury reminiscing on how we made it

A couple that wasn’t meant to be
We was meant for each other though
We can’t do nothin’ but laugh at it ha
Now our jit got the best of both worlds
A trap nigga with the goody two shoes girl
I used to laugh at you back in high school
Then I opened my eyes
Fire it up

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