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Crest side dough

Call me that dope track native
The chopper I gots to fade it
When jectors they hit your block
And try to strip us as naked
Because they take it cause the games at a minimal
Shoutin the mile but you's a small time criminal
Coffee needs to back off me
Popin that game shit
You scrounging for what got me and my niggas plat hits
Soon infiltrators
Claimin they some playaz
Check your shit its foggy fool
I'm slammin venezuelas
That got the taylor
And let me louie
He got that 50 shot uzzie by my Jacuzzi
95 and niggas die for these hoojies
Rollin wit killaz that got my back till the end
Rather blast some berettas
Or rone a gooch to tha pen
And police ain't no problem
Cause foo they smoking this shit
Got so much pool at the station
I'm runnin hoes in them tricks
In the ghetto surround
Some suckas never saw a thousand
My cut touchin these streets
And u can hear the hearts poundin

[Hook: repeat 3X]
Rage like a pitbull
Heart pumped nitro

I'm up and outtie as the rollaz holla freeze nigga
Askin questions like where the money and the deed nigga
Cause they know I'll take some (?) and soljah squeeze trigga
All of this is just a reach to make my g's bigga
Runnin harder in the smoke tryin to find my beama
Throw the product into the bush but still got my heata
When jump in the car the only thing that I thought
If I don't hit the I 80 a playa truly be caught
Goin 90 I peep the freeway just my luck goin north
The only way I'm goin down is if that book in the course
Punchin in and out of lanes husslin scrutched up my brain
Just the price that I pay for distributin cocaine
At 1:20 passin Richmond for some CHP's
With my pedal down to the medal headin back to the V
Hit tha (?) bridge and let my new tires smoke
Can't fuck wit baby capone trick
I'm untouchable


(yeah check it out this why always spit crack cocaine on the street
To annihilate young niggas like me, but once us niggas got a hold
Of that Colombian white gold the poison that we was supposed
To have smoked got sold. Now ain't that cold game how that cocaine
That was supposed to take us out got us havin thangs
Yeah I went from starving po to a playa wit major papa untouchable)

I got a 30 year sentence on my head but man
The chances that u take up in this yankee ass game
But fuck it just let me ride like a (??)
Although I know one day I'll die
I can't be touched by these tricks
Getting lifts off bullets flyin
G'z stackin in sirens
In the city streets housing nuclear h tyrens
Got a knock on my pager
And it just won't quit
A couple of big boys want a chip of (?) that I flip
Hussle 24/7 so all my prices is right
50 shoot out to loot out
Crazy capers and heists
But never let it stress my mental
Major cash is essential when the game get cold
I leave the suckaz trembling
But I ain't thinking bout declining
Money got my mind bent
Out there flashin on my clients
Wrapped In this shit so deep
I feel avenge when I sleep
Thinking days on concrete
Instead of faces of sheet
Motorola beep
Cofive trace five
It was my buddy t love
Say baby boy pimp or die
Pimp or die
Pimp or die
And that's untouchable


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