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I Know U See Da Gwap Cause Gettin Money Is Wut We OnRidin Drop Top In Da Winter Wit Da Heat OnBad Yella Bitch Keep My Passenger Seat WarmLeg Hangin Out Da Winda U Aint Got Deez OnBitch Holla It Is Lil WeezyDey Can Not See Me They Are Like StevieI Am Bearing A Ton Like LevyI Circle Ya House Like Bee-BeeColder Dan Da He-Be-Gee-BeesNeva Give Free Bees 75 Thousand For Deez FeesShit I Can Get A 100 Thousand Up In Deez JeansBig Stacks My Pockets On CreatineYoung Money Dipset Nigga We A TeamIf U Dont Like It Nigga F**k Ya No VaselineErrr I Peel Off In Da LambergineLike A Tangerine Got Da Engine Straight Shakin Like A TamberineLike A Bitch Wit Some Lips Like Angeline Not JolieHoe Lee Got Flow I Go Where No Other Guy GoF**k You Hoe Im So 5 0 4 I Hope Every Snitch Die SlowHip-Hop Dats My Hoe I Know She Know I Like It WetDont Want No Dry HoeAlright Bitch I Am D-Boy No Decoy And I Will Straight Up DestroyAny Boy or Man And I Prefor Money Den Bitches or Just ReeforWe Are Young Money Bitch And I Am Da LeedorHe Are Currency Mac Maine And D Raw And I Just SignedA Chick Named Nikki Ne-NorgeAnd Me Im Still Spittin Like A RetardAnd Deez Niggas Soft Dey Should Be Rappin In LeotardsNigga We In Charge Baby Put Me In ChargeAnd Im Just Murderin Niggas Free Of ChargeYa Digg Juss Holla Back I See Ya SargeAnd Im So Muthaf**kin High I Could Eat A StoreYeah Let Me Upgrade U[Upgrade lyrics on]U May Not Be A Model But I Can Front Page YaU Know Im Nasty Excuse My BehaviorLet Me Jus Taste Ya We Can F**k LataSittin In Da Coupe Lookin Like A RacerTop Peeled Back Like Da Skin Of A PotatoSeat Way Back Listen To Anita BakerRidin By Myself Smokin Weed By Da AcreHolly Grove Gator Aint Nobody GreaterLeave Ya Wit Some Bullet Holes Da Size Of CratersU Aint Heard Da Latest Weezy F Da GreatsetBattle Anybody Nigga F**k Away Ya FavoriteIts A New Game And Im Da Coach Like AveryLeave It To Da Flow We Gettin Doe Like A BakeryI Dont Really Want To But Dese Niggas Makein MePut A Muthaf**ker On Ice Like Da Maple LeagueDats A Hockey Team And I Aint On No Hockey TeamBut Im A Champion Wheres Da F**king Rocky ThemeDamn Rest In Peace Apollo CreedImma Monster Everyday Is HalloweenAlot Of Syrup Alot Of Pills And A Lot Of WeedAnd I Keep My Pockets Greeen Like A Pot Of PeasAnd If U Hatin Baby U Can Get A Side of DeesDeez Nutz In Ya Mouth Can U Swallow PleaseHaha Yeah Im So Hot I FreezeBig Balls And Dey Jangle Like Alot Of KeysEven Def Bitches Say Hi To MeShe Tell Da Blind Bitches She Say I Gotta SeeYoung Carter Darlin Understand I Am Michael Jordan BallinYes Imma Dog Imma Hoya Ya HomieImma Boss Ya Man Is Juss An Employer MommieLemme Upgrade YaLemme Upgrade YaUpgrade Ya (Ahhhh)(WEEZY!)

Date Added: 2007-03-01
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