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[Chorus: Kodak Black]
I danced with the devil so long, she pulling me closer
Been sleeping with demons and how they get there? She invited them over
And he came in, girl, so pretty, I fell for it, it felt like I known her
I pray to the angels but the devil is stronger
Wonderin' why I'm in hell, still?
Nobody's nice, nobody cares here
I tried to break free, she wouldn't let me
She said, don't waste my time, thinking I'm going to heaven
'Cause all my blessings she telling me, she the one who sent them
808 Mafia
Ayy, Southside, where you get all that drip?

[Verse: Future]
Way out of they range, got to feel my rage, truck traffickin' made me
Ambition saved me, hold up on the pavement
Ain't going outside like Jose Canseco, I up my status
Had to 'crease me hunger, get me pesos, I was right with the Yayo
Droppin' off a hundred elbows with a fine bitch in stilettos
Got stars in it, it's a shuttle
Gettin' nauseous, all the decimals
She give me sloppy on another level
Foreign crossfit, I'm getting healthy
Bitch moshpittin' at the W
You live marvelous, you get a W
Keep a short stick and a duffle
Tryna' flex on her, showing muscles
Hi-definition, totin' cutters
I was presidential, more bullets
Feel played 'bout it, get to trippin'
I'm with the Cartel every time I re-up
On the plane by the runway, that's how they greet us
Getting it grande from Sunday to Sunday
I knew I'd be the plug one day

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