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Just The Beginning

The streets signed me
(Taurus, Taurus)
I gotta remind you, I never liked you
In the streets, nigga
I love you

Streets turnin' boys into men
Take several down, lock it in
Got a stash, brought another bill
Pay you off before I shot and kill
Tell them other trenches that I ain't fell
I told 'em wait again, they weren't aware
I met her on sight, she got clapped
I was playin' with the chickens before I rapped
[Verse 1]
Treatin' this music like I'm sellin' keys
I took lil' mama then went down to Greece
Young nigga 'round me, slimey and greasy
I bought her diamonds and she keep it a secret
Knock your shit down, you know I'ma agree with it
Take off flyin', goin' off a G6
I got that cooler with me when I'm whippin'
Rollin' with demons when I'm in your city
Couple of pink toes gettin' nasty
Send all the Fentanyl to Cincinnati
Gone on a mission, niggas ain't really havin' it
Like I got a fishin' rod, that bitch bite
Whole lotta racks on me Beatles sitze
Lil' one whack songs when they bitin'
We been on demon time, say I'm nice
Ain't been gettin' no sleep, I'm outside
Kick down the doors of your door
Put double numbers on the billboards
I take the flowers, we gettin' awards
Too many shooters, I was paranoid
Young nigga poppin' off anywhere
Catch up and spray, nigga, anywhere
I gotta make sure I [?]
'Cause I'm in touch with the mob
A [?] ready, yeah, she anywhere, Jada finish up the job
But to the hood I'm a god
I did residentials, I was slaughtering
Just another product of poverty

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Date Added: 2022-05-12
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