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We Jus Wanna Get High

(80-80-808 Mafia)
We just wanna get real high-igh-igh
(ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)

[Verse 1]
That nigga know that bitch he got is mine, mine, mine
That's your bitch and that's my bitch too, nigga, don't forget
I was looking out my rearview, finger on the trigger
Switching bitches like tennis shoes, I damn near forget
I'm in love with my money, baby, I don't want shit

Panamera view inside my truck like a penthouse
Dog-ass bitch, she just tryna suck my wrist off
All these blue strips, I might bust out and Crip walk
Take the cocaine with me, they gon' make a nigga chain talk
Choosin' on a pimp, I'ma slice it like a chainsaw
You lil' bitty shrimp, I'ma take a nigga main ho
[Verse 2]
Send her home to you, she don't wanna talk to you, her brain sore
Grand remarkable, I get dollars like Diego
Grand National, made it skrrt outside the bando
Two Glock 40s, they gon' call me Pluto Rambo
Finessin' a sport, bitch, hand me the fork, yeah, yeah
Top like New York, bitch giving intercourse, yeah, yeah
Drop-top Rolls-Royce like I ain't got a choice, yeah, yeah

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Date Added: 2022-05-12
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