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Watch Ya Toes

Yo, Check 1,2 Faggot. Uh, yo

I'm down to commit offenses
Looks like it's comin down to you gettin hit with wrenches
Been considered bitter since I was sitting on benches
Sellin nickels and full caps up in my denches
Lookin for the fade my sick adventures
You could have got ripped with a blade
No respect for you chicken wenches I'll spit iny our face in fifth grade
You got victims afraid, flipped every day
Projects the obkect everyday was the beef everyone's sick with the plague
If I don't recieve respect you can't believe you'll leave breathing correct
Bleeding with a meat cleave in your neck
You wanna see evil infect people you'll seek illegal crimes
Down like midevil untill death lethally injects
For Crooklyn the majot reason I rhyme's
Stab your mom like a razor between your spine jooks her
Still you need to diss? You'll get your penis kicked and beaten
Stiff till you bleed when you piss deep in the abyss

Watch ya fuckin toes kid, you might get piped
Gatted and sniped, your brain splattered aight?
Keep your lips zipped kid you might get knifed
Elbowed and sliced kid its Necro aight?(2x)

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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