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Water Whippin'

Soulija, Soulija!
I got my red chains, ref chains, gold rings and
Soulija, Soulija
I got that sweet...
Soulija, Soulija!
I got that sweet, sweet
Turn off!
Soulija, SOD, take off!
200 stacks, 100 racks, Soulija, Soulija

Water whippin, water whippin,
Water whippin, bitch Im water whippin!
Ride the highway, flexing
Ten on my pocket, right, 50 on my pocket
Water whippin (bitch)!
Water whippin
Bitch, Im water whippin!
..Fifty in my pocket, theres something in my pocket chain
Say, say, say (what?) water whippin
Take out! In the kitchen

Niggas riding me, must be silly!
Uh, foreign whip I ride, trash really, foreign!
Catch me stunning! (take out!)
Stay blinding, Soulija, water whippin
Got money, I got!
pop kick stash
two cups,
Put that ice on three, on three,
Sick and lame (sick and lame)
Might trip, might trip
OK, 47, as I water whip!

Water whippin, water whippin (I go)
Water whippin, water whippin
Flexing like a bitch and I ride in that new game
50 on my pocket with a I m fucking water whippin
Water whippin, water whippin (bitch)
Water whippin, water whippin (pussy)
I got a bad bitch with me as Im riding (she bad, she bad)
Got that water whipping!

(What Im doing?)
Who? Got a ticket!
What? Damn! Police handling!
What? Fuck em!
Ill be missing (take out)
Ill pull out flexing (take out)
Take out! Damn!
Got 12 bad bitches
in the kitchen, theyd be kissing
My diamond glistening,
Scarface matches water whippin
Feeling good, damn!
Im gone, on the hood
Took out! Bitch, lets get that understood!
I water whip
Keep them breaks (keep em breaks)
Nigga, tell me really you aint shit
bitches go press it on my wrist
Ill be fucking the rap out of the Versaci kid (Versaci kid)

Water whippin, water whippin
Water whippin, water whippin
I got 200 bands on me right now
While I walk inside the club
Water whippin, water whippin (spray)
Water whippin, water whippin (drip)
Got the brand new Jordans on my team
Im a big ..step inside the club
Im real!

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