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What is a Hard Money Loan?

Instead of borrowing money in the traditional way with traditional lenders, hard money loans are a more viable option for many people. Typically, people use these loan options when they need a loan quickly or even when those traditional lends do not approve the initial loan. The lenders that work with hard money loans take quite a different approach toward lending. Usually, they lend based solely on a certain collateral that will secure the loan and the repayment of the loan. These are usually short-term loans, however, and they have higher interest rates. While these loans can be beneficial in many ways, they do have their downfalls as well, just like any other loan option out there. Here are a few pros and cons of using hard money.

The Pros
There are several things that make these loans better than the traditional loans. One of the first positives is the speed. These loans are given based on collateral, which allows the loans to be closed faster than traditional loans. Because of this, you don’t have to wait around to go through all that paperwork. Since each deal in these loans is dealt with on an individual basis, this allows lenders to be more flexible. You might be able to change up your repayment schedule and more. These loans also deal with individual lenders instead of larger companies that have strict repayment policies.
There is still another positive that these loans are ideal is the approval rates. Collateral is the basis of these loans, so approval is given based on collateral. This also makes approval much easier and faster than traditional loans.

The Cons
Just like there are a few positives to hard money loans, there are also a few negatives as well. There is one thing that people should note before looking into these loans, and that is the cost of the loans. There are rather expensive loans since the interest is usually extremely high. It also works much differently than traditional loans as well, which makes it a little different to obtain. There are ways that you can come out ahead after taking out one of these loans, but there will almost always be double-digit rates on the interest for these loans. There might also be a few hidden fees that you won’t know about until later.

Another con is finding the best lenders for you to borrow money from. There might not be anyone in your area that lends hard money loans, especially if they are based solely on collateral. There is a way that you can dramatically lower this negative risk, however. You can search for lenders near you that might be able to help. By simply reaching out and expressing your needs, you can virtually reduce this negative aspect, making it a little easier to get your loan.

When They Make Sense
You’ve heard both sides of the picture, seen the positive aspects, and see the negatives. Now, you need to understand when these loans make the best sense. Usually, these loans are best used in short-term times. Typically people who need a loan for a short time will use these to help them either increase the value of something or just a quick fix. These loans are often repaid quickly, and they are typically the last choice for many. They aren’t particularly good for long-term options.

Whether or not you choose to go with a hard money loan or a traditional loan, you should always be aware of the positives and negatives before diving in. In this case, a hard money loan might be a good option for you, especially if you are looking for a quick loan to help you get through a tough time or start something new. Before taking out your loan, you should also consider the lender and the interest rate to help you come out at the end better than before.

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