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Whore Monger Freestyle

(Mr. Francis.)
Can you turn this beat up for a second?
(Yeah sure.)
Yo, check me out, uh

I'm a straight up killer and nobody knows it
I suppose it
Is much better that way, STAY POETIC!
You ain't a killer, oh shit
Keep on believing what seems obvious
It's all for the dollar dollar bill
Holler, until you see 'In God We Trust'
Who do we trust in?
Present day thug mentality
Adjust your chin with a tap to the jaw
It's a must win situation, askin' for war
I'm at your door with a paper shredder
Inserting the ?
Squirting with your mama's sis
Until I start murdering with a harmful kiss
When I *kissing sound*
She feel victim to the charm that I put on
My inner hatred detonated the lip balm
These are fireworks
When desirable flirts higher their skirts
I hold the handle of a Roman Candle inside em, IT HURTS!
Trust me it hurts me more
I'm thirsty for the tasty blood of dirty whores
Ages 34 and under
Whore monger
I've got a hunger
Had a more positive outlook when I was younger
And a much cleaner conscious
Touch my penis with constance
Living life with the ambition to F Venus it's nonsense
I'm a genius of constance and vowel sounds
See I know how it sounds but take your showers now
And throw your towels down
I'll have your bowels drowned in discharge
Have Homer insisting, "Open your lips Marge!"
While kids watch, I ish you not
I'll have Lisa eating meat again
When we meet again, I'll be the friend
She always wanted but could never have if she'll believe pretend
It'll be the end of her loneliness
I desire only this for her to
Blow me a kiss and hold me with her innocent arms
Let my bloodstained hands touch her untrained glands
Whore monger
Whore monger
(The bonus verse? Aww, that was like right on time.)

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