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With Me Or Against Me

Some say the [?? ---- fell out ??] 'cause niggas get skunked out
Cowards we buck 'em down shoot the chooper in the ground
Muggin' with evil frown got heat nigga what's up now
Let off a hundred rounds guaranteed to shut your mouth
Some say we need to be locked up in penitentaries
I say kill off police and district attorneys
Public offenders too, they all be in cahoots
Cut them from ear to ear let 'em die in plug poos
Must not forget the judge so long I helped his grudge
With a rusty box cutter cut off his nuts
Though they might call us nuts I do not give a fuck
I hit that po'po' once then come mista monsta dump
To all the black police: I want to see you bleed
Nigga ya still a nigga that's on the wrong team
Sometime I hate the world want to kill up everythang
Maybe it's hallucinagenics fuckin' with my mind frame
The question's in head tellin' me don't trust my friends
Don't crush my cans so in my ruger I can [?? bend ??]
But then again what if this motha fucka jammed
Then I fall and will the lord know who I am?
Probably not because I'm livin' life by the fault
So off hellfire I blaze the blunt with me or against me
My bitch don't understand she think it's just a phase
I hear her cry at night hopin' that one day I change
Can't tell her that I love her when I lust the game
Tryin' to keep my composure but yet I'm untamed
Listen I hear the streets call my name
The same way they called my father in his day and that nigga came
It's tradition, though my mama raised me as a Christian
I still [?? roll in terms of low ??] with devilish intentions

Poppin' [?? shit out ??] but didn't nobody listen
On my way six feet under the

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