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WKCR 89.9 Stretch & Bobbito Live Freestyle

Yo I hate your face
My box cutter stutters
Faggot get cut up jagged
Witness the gutter
I'm packing heavy metal to murder you residue
Whip out
The Metallica from my hip, blast some Megadeth at you
Peep the crack in vials
Run up on you with 10 niggas rocking their backwards smiles
Then slice you up like it's back in style
Heist your life
Like a thief racking piles of merchandise
Pack the niles you living in wack denial
Necros the mortician of skills
On a mission to kill your brain like the brand new Moog and the musician on krills
I know you hate to learn
But death is 360 like bell bottoms
Rock bottom like sodom wait your turn
You could find me warm
Insult me I'll transform
Grimy cats surround you like
Poisonous ant swarm hit you like a sandstorm
Pet your hymen
Psychos walkin the streets
Screaming out "Hey Satan Necro was rhyming"
Engulf the nation
My impulse hits you like a million volts of insults
My killing cult shall indulge in cremation
Cats flock to the sick
I'm like a four foot fro rocking a pick
Pick pocket you quick find out who you are
So I know when I'm clocking your clique
The industries fucking you, no Vaseline
And you still jocking their dick bitch
Jocking it bitch
Jocking it
Yo I squeeze your neck skeez with the mad grip
Butcher knife to your fucking throat uh oh bad trip
Hallucinations while basing
Your seeing human, beings that aren't being human
A tab of acid cop it put it on your tongue and pop it
Green yellow purple the lights are flashing you can't stop it
Control time, do as I say it's time for slaughtering
Cut your throat and as you die recite Necro your the king
I'll give you the privilege to carve ya
Self like the ghoul on the bloody mattress
In Hellraiser, covered with larva
Only if your good ill let you hear a rhyme
About a boy at nine in a sadistic crime
Its sado-masochistic time
Lets beat out fist bloody on a punching bag
End up in my dungeon gagged until you are a hundred fag
Blood flows with any blow Necro lands
Fighting me is like fighting a fucken alien with six hands
Plus when you bump heads with ten of my soldiers
Get cracked with forty knuckles like you were an Epipian stoned by boulders

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