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WKCR 89.9 Stretch & Bobbito Live Radio Freestyle '95

[Radio Host]
Yo can Necro get some? I wanna hear Necro
I haven't heard him in a long time..
Necro...Necro! Do that shit son:

Check it check it check it check it check it

When I come through you better look out cuz my brain is sickly
Kid I roll with crooks all-of-thy sell the books
Of acid snitch and you'll get took out quickly
Your body parts u'll be a mystery
Cuz you could be left with a criminal history
When sellin hits of E
We drive around in stolen Camrys'
The shit we do revolves around government notes
Flight coats,and female mammaries all for the family
Your- family vehicle could get shang-hai'd randomly
Sometimes we do it candidly, peepin for cops
Sellin Mexican crops, doin drops, I do dirt with Chinks and WOPs
That work in chop shops, these kids are bananas
Carryin scalpels in there bandanas
Always know where there man is
Cuz they got programmable scanners
Plus 9's and 38's
Nigga rockin glasses sportin a nerdy face
While murkin with dirty plates
Fat like a walrus, the mary jane florist, will be lounging in Honduras
As long as I watch out for that Ford Taurus
You'll be low
My league of flow, I'm down with eager hoes that suck dick for Figaros in Montego blow
In these streets of pace and bad taste you'll get stuck like paste
Fag bags with shit around their waist I fucked up or kid you get bucked up
Off the top of my skull kid my knife and fucken dull
I'm mad raw kid I'll rip apart your tits
Get on your fuckin..... knees bitch and eat my shit kid

[Radio host]
Uggggghhhh disgusting, you're a dirtbag man, he's a goon

Check it, check it, keep it flowin, keep it flowin, keep it flowin
We do props we do drops I do drops on the rocks drinkin props ada la ada la to check it
We do drops, for true props, drinkin schnapps on the rocks
Packin Glocks, and oowops, New York ain't got no true cops
All I need to get loose
A black deuce deuce
22 ounces of crackjuice
And a female masseuse
While I'm getting played, by judges that are regal paid
I think a stabbing my legal aid with an illegal blade
If you're thinking of living a life that's legitimate
Once you taste a bit of it, you won't even consider it
Cuz existing legal has a persisting evil
Twisted aftertaste that leaves you feeble
Turning you into sadistic people
Fast, I need this cash flow with g's
Currently I wanna see wax, contracts, and currency
Kids centering there lives around breaking and entering
Stub from surrendering we be taking and vendering
My agenda is to see some legal tender even if I must offend ya
By shoving this knife into your pudendum
These streets are scandalous filled with panhandlers
Crime is unanimous

Yo the beat died kid

Vandals piss their money away on cannabis
Fuck around and get cut
With Ron's sword while my ex-con horde
Be sippin grape Concord scoping for corrupt pigs
Cuz five-0 be humorous so we peep for the numerous luminars
That wanna bring doom to us What!

He's disgusting, he's a goon

Check it Necro check it check it check it
Necrophiliac 1990-knives Necrophiliac 1990-knives
I can't wait
To castrate clever men
When I chop off your dick you'll never jerk off ever again
I bring pillage when I strangle CRiz in the village
With cheap clothes
I'm turning peepshows into creep shows
I got ya bitch made
Cause I had to get rich
Paid another bitch slayed by my switchblade
Get ready I got a machete for your fucken tushy
I drink bloody marys with the blood from Jesus' mom's pussy
If you don't submit to me and my fellow ex-cons
I'll shove this three pound cronze up your tunnel of bronze
My evil you couldn't hack it fuck a crucifix
You're better off walking around with Tony Iommi's leather jacket
You can't see me on the DL I watch you
I got a bundle of crack bitch that says I'm gonna brainwash you
I'll offend your kins then toxic avenge your sins
Give me your Benjamins or get cut up by pendulums

Necrophiliac straight from the planet...who knows

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