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World War IV (Oddisee Remix)

[Verse One] [Saigon]:
I seen wars with rusty guns that jammed in the mist of 'em
Victim was a jackass, but (BOM) Crook twisted 'em
That's a killers curriculum
Heart now a days is like niggas don't come equipped with 'em
I'm biologically bitter as coffee
Me and Omnipotent roll together like reefer in cigar leaves
Get you as high as the star fleet
Take the worst of you, go make a merciful burst at you
Bitches ?, stomp niggas off the vertical
Run ? a third of you
You a rapper? I might've heard of you
Fuck does that mean? I'll murder you in that convertible
I'm the type to blow kisses at my chick friend
If she don't respond, fuck it, show her my dick then
Give me the big pen, watch the saga I'm depicting
Like niggas comin' home only to find their door got kicked in
See your sister in the corner cryin' like "Lord...
Two short dudes in a tan car came and got grandma
The one with Armani specs took the keys to mommy Lex
Said if you don't get the rest of his money, then mommy next."
It's not a game
I even shot a dame
All the broke frame
I'm tryin' to be ?

[Hook] [Saigon]:
Let me make a couple mil' on tour
Niggas ain't gon' see me no more

[Lil' Fame]:
Nigga we at war
The streets at war
The Bloods at war
The Crips at war
It's world war four

Let me come up on a couple mil' score
Packin' my shit, I'm hittin' the door

[Lil' Fame]:
The troops at war
The crews at war
Even the girls at war
The world's at war
It's world war four

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